About Us
We specialize in a toxin-free and hypoallergenic deodorant for individuals with very sensitive skin regardless of age and gender. The deodorant is particularly suitable for pregnant women and young adolescents who are typically more vulnerable to toxins and skin irritants. The product, made weekly and in small batches, contains ZERO% Aluminum, Alcohol, Fragrance/Scent, Colorants/Dyes, and Parabens. It is also 100% vegan - no animal testing or animal byproducts. Skin types and sweat compositions vary among individuals and the only way to find the “right” product is through trial and error. Statistically, however, DeodoMom has worked for over 98% of users. We hope it will work for you too.
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We are a team of wife and husband living in New York, NY. Our interest in the products we offer was the result of a practical and personal concern: minimizing exposure to aluminum during pregnancy, and a toxin-free yet effective deodorant. Product offered here have been used by us and our family & friends for years, and it is at their behest that we offer what has worked for us & them, to you. We'd like to think that we differentiate ourselves through honest education, value products, and prompt service.

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